Episode 20: Syria And Chemical Weapons: Asst. Sec. Countryman & WMD Military Advisor Col. Terrell on The 2013-14 Destruction of Weapons Stock & Chemical Weapons Challenges Today

Former Assistant Secretary Tom Countryman and Dept. of Defense WMD Military Advisor Colonel Pat Terrell discuss the 2013-2014 operation to remove and destroy Syria’s stock of chemical weapons and the diplomatic/ military tools required today given continued use of chemical weapons in Syria and new uses by countries such as Russia.

Episode: 16 Standing with Japan Part I: General Wright & Ambassador Schieffer on US military and diplomatic engagement with Japan and the US response to North Korean missile attacks.

Former Ambassador to Japan Tom Schieffer & Former Commander US Forces Japan General Bruce “Orville” Wright discuss their partnership, the US –Japanese military alliance, the 2010 North Korean missile attacks and doing the right thing in the aftermath of a rape by a US soldier.